I had my USB external HD 200GB for about over 1 year. It was working fine until 2 day ago my town got thunder storm, my house electronic was out and got back in a sec. My computer was restarted, I could see my USB HD in window explorer but some files could not be read.

Today my computer doesn't recognize USB HD anymore. I tried to use Runtime GetDataBack program but this program doesn't show USB HD letter for me to choose from. I tried to hook up this HD to another computer and got the same thing, the computer can't see the HD.

What should I do now? What software I need to try to get my data back ?

Hope someone can help me!


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The short answer is that you may NEVER get your data back.
It's highly probabable that your partition table is corrupt or non-existant.
Your first necessity is to get back access to your drive first, anything else is secondary at this point.
If you don't already have them or know a friend that does the check out the software counter at your fav. haunt. Look for disk (repair) utilities, there's usually a good selection to choose from.

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