I have a comp that was built about 2 years ago. A couple of nights ago I was gaming then the comp just went dead. I traced my problem down to my PSU. It was obvious since when removed you could see a capacitor sitting in the bottom of the fan case. So I went and purchased a new PSU. I bought a Antec Earthwatt 500 watt PSU. I connected everything correctly. And booted up my computer. Everything inside the machine starts all fans and lights start up fine. There is no signal to the monitor however. Bios also does not run either. I have tried everything that I can find in any forums. I have tried resetting the CMOS. Tried a differnt monitor that I know works well. I also tried removing both of my sticks of ram trying each one individually and still nothing. I have also moved my video card to a different slot hoping this was the problem. Still Nothing!!! I made sure I was properly grounded when trying all of these steps. The only thing that concerns me is the new PSU came with a lot more connectors than the one that came with the bare bones kit. But I'm guessing that it should work the same as the old one. My comp specks off the top of my head are. An Ansus SLI deluxe gaming mobo. Athlon dual core processor, ATI vid card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not ultra-keen on hardware, but I would troubleshoot around the graphics card entirely as my next step...especially if your comp failed while you were gaming. Does your motherboard have a standard VGA port built into it? If so, try your monitor out in that, or if possible test whether your graphics card works in another machine. You may have fried the graphics card as well as the Power Supply.

yeah if its a high end ati card (greater than an x1650) then it needs the additional power connector and a fair amount of power (30a+)

maybe when the PSU died it took your PC with it :(

I will surely try out my video card when I get home from work. I don't have onboard vid so I'll have to try in another machine. If it is my video card shouldn't my bios check have run? It would make sense that my video card went with the PSU. Hopefully the warrenty will cover the vid card since I just purchased it in July. When it went out before it gave me the bios beeps though.