I am new to this please help if possible. I have a dell dimension 8100- I was told the motherboard must have a short in it. I purchased a used one from ebay with socket 423 as dell told me that is what i needed. It fits in casing perfect. Everything was same except the VRM-which *i dont know what it stands for* . Upon reconnection of all hardware and boot up-i hear several beeps-are these troubleshooting codes possibly?
I receive a complete blank screen-can't bring anything up at all. Two of the usb lights stay yellow-2 light green are visible.
I,ve used a friends laptop for over a month now-the dimension is the main computer the kids and i use.
I,m at a loss on where to proceed next honestly.
Also, is there a diagrahm that anyone is aware of that shows the direct connections to all the hardware. Dell site shows very little. I have two cd/dvd roms and want to double check all wires are where they should be.
ANY help is VERY appreciated.



Attaching the optical drives should be one of the last things you do, and their configuration should not cause a POST problem. Make sure your Hard Disk jumper is set to "Master" and install it in the primary IDE channel...BIOS should report whether it is in the correct channel.

Does your mainboard look like this:


There is always the possibility that Dell misdiagnosed the problem, it could be a CPU fault or PSU fault.

Beep codes: