I come here totally frustrated. I use this scanner only occasionally and it has always worked just fine. Recently, I had occasion to scan a document and save to file. I opened Director and selected scan document and save to file. I got the following polite message: "Sorry, could not fine required user interface files. Please reinstall software.....". I then tried to scan to printer and got a similar message. I then told it to make a copy, it scanned the document and sent it to the printer and it was printed. After reinstalling the software and it still didn't work, I uninstalled all mention of the scanner, disconnected the scanner, rebooted and began as if this were the first installation. Same errors occurred. I thought I would check the scan settings. Clicked on Scan Settings and got the message "An unexpected error has occurred, blah, blah, blah. I have been through all of the troubleshooting suggestions, spent a lot of time with Google answers all to no avail. I am running Xp on HP Pavilion 1400y computer. My husband is also having similar problems with his 3970. He can save to file but can't print. If it will help, I checked HP Diagnostics and the following drivers are listed for the scanner.