My computer got infected with malware and spyware. As I was reading different solutions it seemed like the best one was formatting my computer. I lost my OS cd so the Tech-group at Best Buy told me to buy a new copy of Windows XP Home Edition. When I formatted my HD I had to delete my partition, then I created a new one and while installing it gave me an error. In other words I couldn't install my new copy. Now when I try to do it, my HD starts to beep about 14 times, and then it beeps faster. The screen displays the black E-machines picture and the computer doesn't load the HDD when I access the BIOS mode and I get an error that says Hard drive not found refer to troubleshooting manual or something like that. Please help!! Thank you

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If the BIOS can not find the HD then you have no hope of booting that way.
Check power and ribbon cable connections to the HD, sometimes it's just a matter of pulling them out and putting them back in again. Failing that the cables themselves (possible but unlikely) may be bad.
Your HD may still be good or bad but until you satisfy the above noted you aren't gonna know.

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