I have a Dell Inspiron 600m. It has started to slow down on me, which I can deal with. I have done all the usual recommedations: check starting programs, defrag, etc. Sometimes my CPU spikes to 100%, slowing things down as well. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

The real problem, however, that has me worried just started a couple of days ago. When surfing the web, the cursor will suddenly jump around the screen and the web page window will close. Sometimes other applications then open up that I didn't start myself. This hasn't happened in other applications so far, just the internet. When I checked to see which applications were running one time when this happened, I noticed that it listed 3 Internet Explorers running while only 2 were actually running. I don't know if this is a piece to the puzzle.

Ideas? I appreciate any advice.

Thank you-

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Are you running XP or Vista?

Does it pop up programs wanting you to try free software or buy stuff?

try downloading an anti-virus software and running it.
If that doesn't work. backup everything to dvds or an external HDD. then just wipe the hard drive and reload windows.

I had the same virus, pretty soon it will start deleting things off your HDD

Then once you get windows installed, download Firefox and never use internet explorer again

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