i have had my laptop since june of 03 several people have tried to work on it i wasn't around but they said they got farther than i did i get it back and it is the same way i turn it on fan kicks on hardrive doesn't nor mouse or screen i have read other post people put and they said plug a moniter into it i did that and still nothing but a black screen.
any one have any ideas i was also told these laptops don't have betteries on the motherboards so i don't know i have pulled the hard drive and ram out and tried turning it on that way i don't even get the p6e-ex error that says check cable doesn't tell me anything just a black screen i have tried several way to get it to work but none has worked yet anyone got any ideas? the cd rom is wanting to work i put a cd in it and it acts like it loads up but nothing happens

All systems, laptop, desktop, etc. DO have at least one batt. in them. the CMOS batt. It looks like a small shiny wafer. Just as a good measure have it replaced.
You aren't posting which could mean just a dead system batt., faulty on/off switch, or a faulty AC adapter. More serious is a faulty BIOS chip, if it's failed you'll at least need another chip, and given that it's not all that easy to come by, a new board as well.

but wouldn't the bios just basicly keep the time and other things like that i took my laptop apart and removed the battery and put it back together but nothing changed i still have a black screen with no use of a keyboard or mouse

>>>bios just basicly keep the time and other things like that
yes and no, having no power before boot the BIOS (at best) is in default mode. the time/date, unless you state otherwise, is usually the t/d that the chip was originally flashed. the rest of the info, unless stated otherwise is also default. on startup it will do a search for most of what hardware you have installed, HDs, CDs, special adapters, etc.
Your CD, at boot, is in it's own startup mode, nothing to do with the board or BIOS.
At this point, even a new CMOS batt. probably isn't going to help. The BIOS(CMOS) now is DOA, i.e. empty and your best chance now is a new one. The chip also has a short shelf life. Getting another chip while fairly inexpensive is usually a pain to actually get your hands on. Usually, if you can't get one out of the mfg. it's a dead issue, end result, new board, which means to you another laptop.

By black screen you mean it turn black or it just doesnt show anything?
You can be going from totaled lcd to a ruined graphic card.

U also say your hd doesnt start (I guess u dont hear it runing?) that could be a bios problem.
Try setting a booting cd ou floppy if u havent already and see if it works

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