Hi All,

How can I solve the problem of "No Input Signal going to Sleep" The VGA is onboard. I changed the RAM but still the same, slot in a new VGA, still the same and also remove the CMOS battery, yet the problem still continues. Please what kind I do.

Thank you

make sure that your CPU is working properly.. if you see this message it means that the Monitor cannot receive any data from your CPU.. when you power on check if the k/b led's lit up, if it doesn't lit up then your CPU is in trouble...

To save me writing, I've just stolen someone else's answer :)

Your computer may not be booting up.

Have you carefully checked the cable from your graphic card to the monitor? Make sure it is firmly attached to the back of your computer and also the back of your monitor and hasn't got a kink.

Check you computer power line too. Is it securely plug into your surge protector - you do have a surge protector? - and the power supply of your computer.

Are the monitor and computer powered separately?

If so power up your computer and watch the green light of your power supply, the red light of your hard drive (usually next to your power light) and the light on your CD drive for activity; all these should light up during the boot process. In addition, you should hear a POST beep from your computer box.

If the green power light doesn't come on then it's your power supply/ If the red light doesn't show your hard drive. If the beep doesn't sound it's more likely your motherboard.

But it could be a lot of other things too.

Often just disconnecting everything from the wall socket and wait ten minutes before reconnecting maybe all that is necessary.

Good luck.

I have a Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 HP desktop PC when I power the computer on I got Vga and put no input signal and the monitor went back to sleep. If you do you think that is a problem with the video card it is attached to the motherboard. I also don't know that much about computers so please try to keep the answer simple

When i open computer no input signal appear led of key board not working

When i open computer no input signal monitor going to sleep

Have you tried a different VGA cable or monitor? The fact that it seems to be exhibiting the same issue with 2 VGAs, a clear CMOS and different RAM might suggest such a thing. Is there any hard disk activity or sounds from the OS as it boots? If so, it's probably the monitor or cable at fault. If not, the next step is to purchase a POST code reader and diagnose the problem from there.

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