Ok - I am soooo frustrated.
I was surfing the net when I got a C++ error (I don't have that program on my computer). I tried to fix it when prompted to - it didn't respond, so I decided to shut it down. After that it would not start (boot back up). The CD drive starts to spin, then nothing I took it in to the Geek Squad and they said there was nothing wrong with the RAM and could see nothing wrong with the HDD. All I know is that I'm two months out of my warranty on don't think I need to sink $500 into a motherboard, but I don't know. Help please - my husband deploys in 2 weeks and that's a very big part of our communication! Thanks

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if you REALLY care about your communication, then pay the 500.00

Thank You

Are you getting any kind of display? What about staus lights?

How did Geek Squad test memory and HDD? Removed from notebook or with a boot disk?

Incidentally, C++ is a widely used programming language. So you do have software written in C++.

the geek squad is not trust worthy, if you've surfed the net recently, the workers are not getting background checks on how good they are with pcs (so some of them are computer illiterate and still get hired). They have been ripping people off and stealing your data. This trend has been going on with other companies too, some even replace your good hardware with inferior hardware and charge you for it. Take a look at this youtube video (it's perfectly clean, no foul language or any illegal stuff) and see for your self!!!




Maybe you all will think again about taking your pc to someone like geek squad again!!!

i can help you reinstall the OS if you want normally a fresh copy solves everything, (duh) well your choice,if you still have the cds. or if you can tell me more about how it starts up like logo the windows bar thing etc.

have you all seen the videos above!!!

about the reinstallation thing, just hit F11 at boot and select under advanced options "system recovery"or something like that, and then it'll reinstall a fresh copy within 25 minutes. If the partition is destroyed, use a friends OEM disk, then use the product key on the bottom of your laptop (after the installation), and call microsoft to reset your key if you have trouble. PM me if you need more detailed steps.

Hi all.

The HP dv6000 not booting issue seems to be quite common with this laptop.

D&D Tech Repairs have been able to sucssesfully repair this problem.

If you would like us to repair your laptop, simply hop over to www.ddtechrepairs.co.uk and fill out the online form print it and send it with your laptop to us. the details can be found on our site. You dont need to send the hard drive or charger. And for £80 we'll have your laptop returned and running. ( Please get in touch if you live outside the UK ).

We can repair all types of laptops and electronic items at reasonable prices.


keeps trying to reboot even with oscd in cdrom

Hi and welcome to Daniwed,
You have opened an old thread (Aug 2nd, 2008). Please open your own thread and supply a lot of information about your computer, OS and the problem.

Hold power button until the little blue light that is beside the card reader goes out. That will get you restarting and will work itself out and go away once all updated.

Maybe swap DVD drives to install Vista (use YouCam for webcam and QuickPlay for remote control to work)Hope this helps...

This worked for me, I had black screen, continuous restarting, no bios, etc...

Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit
(was XP Media Center Edition)

The same problem has occured with my dv6000. I turn it on and the quick play buttons light up on the keyboard, but then three short beeps sound and nothing happens. It still runs but the screen is black. I've found hundreds of people with the same problem while searching for a solution and most say that they send it in and it comes back and has the same problem about 3 months or less later. Rediculous! just never buy an HP laptop again. easy as that.

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If it's a laptop, push down on the J, K and L keys to get it working until you hear a click. It's not permanent, but will get you enough time to get your data back.

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