I have a hp pavilion ze4400 notebook and I recently spilled juice on the keyboard. My roommate took it apart and found nothing wrong with it. Now, my notebook won't turn on sometimes. I would press the power button several times and I get nothing.

However, it would turn on several hours or days later, depending how long my notebook was turned on prior to me turning it off.

Any suggestions?

When the machine does actually work does it eventually shut off on it's own? If so, it is most likely an overheating issue. The reason it would take a while to turn on again is because the CPU needs to cool off before it will allow itself to work again. This doesn't really make too much sense if juice were spilled on it.

Ah... also, maybe a capacitor burst? This can definitely cause intermittent booting. The only way to know is to crack the laptop open and physically examine it. Here is a sample of what a blown capacitor looks like (from a desktop motherboard)


That's all I got.... good luck ;)

- Mike