I have a custom gaming PC from Buyxg.com. It has worked flawlessly untill yesterday. I was using the computer and the power went out about 3-4 times in a 5 minute span. So after it finally went out for the last time, i turned the power off to the PC by using the switch on the back of the PSU. I came home later and the power was back on, but the PC would not start, it was plugged into a surge protector and i tried every outlet in my room and in the living room, but there is still no power. The monitor works, the speakers have power, just not the PC, im thinking the PSU is dead, but i wanna know what you all think. and yes i have an email out to buyxg. stupid REA power company..i should make them pay to have my pc fixed

it does seem like your PSU is dead but when you plug it in do you see the PSU fan turn?

Nope nothing, before when the PC was off there was always an orange light on at the bottom of the motherboard w/e that might be, now nothing, and nothing happens when i plug it in and try to turn it on...ty for replying!

do you have another power supply. thats the easiest step to try right now

only the one in this ( my brothers ) computer....i just dont want to have to pay to send the computer back to buyxg, and wait gods knows how long, ill probably just take it to a local pc place for atleast a diagnosis

Does seem like a dead psu

no chance of swapping it with somebodyy elses psu to check ;)


Make your next purchase -- after a PSU -- a battery backup (UPS). Inexpensive way to protect a PC from voltage fluctuations.