I was hoping someone could give me some insight ot at least steer me in the right direction.I have a Dell Latitude D610 that when powered on displays the Dell splash screen then goes to a blank screen with a cursor that momentarily appears in the upper left.I Can access Dell diagnostics,bios settings,boot sequence from the splash screen but all hardware tests seem to pass.Cannot invoke F8 at startup to get into safe mode.Numlock stays on through startup.Tried to boot from reinstallation cd but only get as far as checking system configuration then reverts back to blank screen.There are no error or beep codes present,
other than the battery light flashing from orange to green while the battery is inserted.Diagnostics show it at 95 % charged.Have same boot problems whether the battery is in or out so I dont think the problems are related.

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Hmm, try going into the BIOS and resetting to default all settings then save and exit. Reboot and report..

Tried resetting bios to defaults and problem still persists.Noticed when trying to boot from cd the drive is noisy and vibrates alot?The cd drive passed Dells hardware tests.

Since you tried the recovery disk and the system does not continue after inspecting the configuration, combined with the battery light flashing from orange to green, it tells me there is an underlying problem with the motherboard. The light goes green to orange like that when the battery is not sufficiently charged.. there is a sensor on the motherboard which tests the voltage on the battery, and if the battery is indeed charged, yet the error code flashes, it means that the sensor is bad. Since the sensor is bad, along with the other problem, chances are that other sections or components of the motherboard went bad all at the same time.

I recommend calling Dell and relaying the info to one of their techs, but in the end i suspect you will be hunting around for a new motherboard...

Is your HDD detected in the BIOS?


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