I have a memory USB stick which I used for a while, just now I have problem , when I connect it to my computer I couldn’t find it. I don’t have any access to it. I have my data in it and don’t want to lose them. I need help please.

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you mean a pen drive or one of those thingys that can turn a memory card into a kind of a pen drive
extremely sorry if i'm confusing :)

When you say you do not have any access to it - does that mean that the "safely remove device" button does not show it?

Before when I connected it to computer, I could open it via mycomputer just now it does not show anywhere. I have my pictures in it and don’t want lose them. I have tested it to other computers but the same result.

oh,well the best case scenario wud be that its only a loose connection take it to a repair shop,there's not much you can do to repair a pen drive but then again some repair shop ppl amaze you :D

Word of advice: Never keep important data on a flash drive only without backing it up somewhere else....these things are notoriously unreliable and can fail at anytime.
They should only be used for data transfer from one host to another!

Sounds like yours has bitten the dust.
If it wont work on other systems then we can safely rule out any issues with your USB connection i'd say.

Sorry dude, but i guess you have learnt a lesson with this.


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