Alright, if you haven't guessed already, I have began a project. A project in which to build my first gamers PC. Now God knowing, my current job just doesnt pay enough and I cannot get 2 jobs, I am starting a donation for the Xtreme Gamers Donation.

I would say donations, but I do not have anything to offer. I am working on getting a "Donations Page" on my Teen Community Forums to thanks people who do donate, and give them a 1 month FREE subscription to the forums with lots of other members on the site, if your donation is $75 or more, I'll allow you to have a custom title and sponsor rank, 2 months of banner advertising, a full year FREE subscription and your name on the Xtreme Donation Page (a $125 value.) The forums should be released near Halloween sometimes, hopefully not the same night.

If you would like to donate, keep watching this topic for details. Also, keep looking forward to the Donation Page link here and the total amount needed to be raised. I already set a goal to have this all done by January 31, 2005. I started off the donation by taking $15 of my money and putting it aside towards the donation.

Thanks again to everybody......

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I'm sorry, but this post looks like a request for financial assistance, not a Tech problem. If you have hardware questions about your upgrade please put them in your existing upgrade topic, so we can follow what's happening and what's already been suggested.

Topic closed.

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