Ive built a custom machine very nice and expensive but when I had it shipped back from japan to back in the states it came with a problem. It worked fine in japan when I used it. But when I got it back the video card had fallen out of it so I put it back in and started up the machine after checking all the wires and made sure nothing was broken. Everything seemed fine. When I started it I got no video output, but when you remove the video cable the screen says check signal cable. I tried multiple sli xpress slots and multiple video cards and everything was the same. Tested the power supply and getting the 12volts going to the video card. And fan works on video card. Now im just wondering could this be a bad motherboard or is there something else im missing here. And yes monitor works fine have it plugged up to another computer right now and working great. Any help would be great.

Thank you

well if it got bumped hard enough to not out the video card it may have broke something else also,try and reseat everything .like heatsinc, cpu and ram, harddrive and try again .

Make sure HD is working. If you listen you can hear it spinning. As the previous post stated, reset the bios and pull out the RAM memory and reseat. To reset the bios look at your MB manual for the jumper settings or just pull the battery and let set for about 30 minutes. If there is a long beeping sound on boot up, you have a hardware device problem which is probably the RAM.

I reset the bios and the ram and checked the HD the HD i think is working im really not sure cause there is a lot of sound going on in the computer from fans and im not real sure i can hear it. I know what a bad HD sounds like and well it defiantly sounds nothing like that.

Replace the RAM with some RAM you know is working and see what happens. If that doesn't work replace graphic card with one that you know is working.

Replaced ram and tried other video card nothing changed. The geek squad at best buy said it was MB. But still checking everything possible before I replace something that may or may not be needed.