need info about motherboards for buying...

I wana buy a new motherboard for a new AMD x2 processor with high end graphics card and which supports 4 gb Ram..

please gimme suggestion whihc motherboard will be besst for me and will remain cool durin process.....

All suggestions are invited..!!

If you want the option of a second high end graphics card, then the 780a (sli capable) might be a good board for you. I've never used one, but HERE is a review for you, linked in THIS FORUM.

The 790FX (not SLI, it's an AMD board) gets some aerage reviews, don't buy THIS ONE for a start.
Also THIS REVIEW pretty well warnes people away from it, but it was written about 6 months ago so may be out of date:

In the end, the 790FX is a bandwidth-rich new north bridge chip held back by a dated south bridge and flaky motherboard implementations. AMD will have to do better if it expects the Spider platform to take off with enthusiasts. In its current state, we simply can't recommend the 790FX.

THIS REVIEW (conclusion)
- (1st page) has a well written conclusion:

If you want to pair a Phenom with NVIDIA graphics boards in SLI then the nForce 780a chipset is, as we mentioned, your only choice, and from that perspective the Crosshair II Formula is an excellently configured part to meet those demands (assuming you can live without eSATA). Outside of that narrow sphere, AMD's 790FX chipset is much better value if a Phenom CPU is your weapon of choice, and failing that the grass is still both greener and far more lush on the Intel side of the proverbial fence.

Just be aware that all the reviews you find will be using a phenom processor to get their results. Best of luck and happy reading :)