i have a gateway laptop dont know the exact model but to the problem
It will load up and get stuck on the loading bar or if i try to launch start up repair it just blacks out sometimes i get a flash of the blue screen but i can never have enough time to see it, i have removed the bottom and when it gets to the loading bar the fan dies and stops rotating i opened it to reset the memory and hard drive and check the fan i am clueless on what went wrong any help is appreciated

Hi there and welcome to daniweb
Replacing your fan will fix your prob.cpu not getting enough cooling.install a new fan

it depends...not all the cpu's require colling all the time and so the fan will not work all the time.......this is for energy saving in many laptops.....Have tried to boot in safe mode?(i suppose you have MS OS)

Try this first using F8 key when the Laptop boots.If it boots normaly in safe mode you should try execute "heavy" applications to see if it is a cooling problem...if it is everything will freeze and maybe a restart will take place.If the same hapens in safe mode(freeze in progress bar) it may be the cooling,installation of OS and maybe the psu.....

I have a hundyx laptop , I start the computer and press the f8 key so I can use the system restore tool but nothing happens , the computer continues until I get a message insert floppy disk...

problem most likely cpu,if theres no hard ware that was changed or any other suspicious user actions than you should have a closer look.furthermore see if windows freezes or retstarts when you go into safe mode that is if you can