I'm not sure how this happened but sometime during the operation of my laptop the software for running my Cd-Rom drive was deleted or something. When I put a cd in the light will flash like it's reading it but that's all that happens. When I go to My Computer the cd-rom drive doesn't show up. I've tried using the Run command but it does not work. Please help!

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I don't think u can geit to show up by run command but u can search for it in you printers and other hardware section of the control panel. see if that helps u locate the drive.

Possibility is there for it to be physically disconnected from the connectors in which case u ll have to check for any loose connectors by opening it up. But then again i could be wrong.
I was gonna ask u to check for drivers but if it doesnt show at all then looking for upto date drivers is a bit irrelevant. But try with the control panel and see if u can get it up and let us know.


Worked like a charm!

Thanks for posting!

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