Hi all, my computer is as follows;

Acer Aspire T135
AMD Sempron 3100+ (socket unknown)
Motherboard: Gigabyte K8VM800MAE
Original RAM: 256MB DDR 400 PC3200 (1 DIMM)

As far as I know the motherboard should be able to take up to 2GB of RAM. However I've bought 2 sticks (1GB each) of DDR 400 PC3200 and can't get them to work. The computer won't boot at all, I get no picture and the computer doesn't beep (normally I get one beep when it boots).

I've tried every combination I can think of, for example trying one stick on its own, combining one stick of 1GB with my old 256; it simply won't boot with one of the 1GB sticks in. However they do work in my brother's computer, so it's not simply that they're faulty.

I'm aware that the new 1GB sticks of RAM are high-density, which my computer may not be compatible with, but after doing some research I don't think that would cause it to fail to beep or boot the bios; surely it would just load as normal, but only recognise half the capacity. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


in case you haven't got an answer yet, your machine is only compatible with low density (64Mx8) The high density (128Mx4) will not work in your machine.