Hey all,

I'm looking to upgrade my computer's video card. It came with a 256MB NVidia GeForce 6800 video card.

I'm looking at the NVidia 9600GT on the NVidia website. The Bus Type matches the old card's (PCI Express 2.0) but it requires 400W Power Supply. My Dell only has a 375w supply.

I remember reading on a forum somewhere that it *should* run OK. Apparently Dell like to underestimate their hardware. Don't know about the validity of that statement but I hope it's true.

If it wouldn't run off the 375W power supply, how would I go about getting a power upgrade?

And last but not least, would the fact that I'm in Ireland and I'm buying the card from the USA matter?

as far as buying it from the US, that doesn't matter. i would not over-estimate the power of the Dell side(star wars joke sorry). if there PSU is rated for 375 i wouldn't push it too far. the problem with Dell is you have to buy dell parts to go in a Dell machine. you can probably order a PSU from Dell but it will be a little more expensive than buying one on line somewhere. I suggest just bumping it up to a 500w that way if you ever want to add anything bigger in the future you will be ready for it.

Hope this helps