Hello all, I have a dell CPX/CPI laptop that i built from two laptops that my school's tech dept. gave to me, the CPX had a BIOS password set, so i took it's processor and RAM and put them in the CPI, which was built with a PII processor, and the CPX processor i put in it was a PIII, 500MHZ. the motherboards, as far as i can tell, are identical, and use the same parts. so, i put the motherboard in the CPX case with the new processor and RAM. the BIOS, while booting up, now says CPX, but before it boots into windows (which it does fine) it says the processor is not supported. windows works fine, if a little slow. my question is: should i put the CPX BIOS in it with the floppy? i downloaded the file and put it on a floppy, but am not sure if i should go ahead and do it, or if that is going to screw things up.

First try updating the BIOS with the updated manufacturer's BIOS update. Look at the motherboard and determine the mfg. and current version to see if there is an update.
Usually, but not always, BIOS updates are specific to a machine type and you'll be warned that the BIOS is not for your machine. There is some risk but there are some safeguards in place. If given the option to backup your current BIOS before flashing, do so...this may be your only recovery.