I have m470n media center PC. I have installed XP professional as media center operating system ( XP home + media center drivers ) got corrupted. I had to dis-able on board network card (RealTek) as the system was getting frozen otherwise. I latter installed a Realtek network card in the available PCI slot. But, the system is not recognizing it. Can anybody help me how to enable the network card installed in the PCI slot.


Is your built in network card working properly? Is it the wireless network card or a LAN card?

If you just want to use the installed Realteck NIC card ,then make sure its properly inserted into the PCI slots.

After that install the drivers of this NIC card and than follow the following steps:

Right Click on My Computer---->Properties-----> Hardware tab---->Device Manager---->in the list of installed devices, you will see the Realtek NIC card.

After properly installing this NIC card,you will see a LAN icon(2 small computers) on your desktop somewhere before the clock.

Or if you are using WinXP,you can access it by using the following steps:
1) Start--->Control Panel---> Network and Internet Connection or Network Connection icon---->
right click on LAN connection and click on enable if its disabled.