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Epox Ep 9npa+ ultra
leadtek px 6600gt tdh
amd 64 3700
sonata II
seagate sata 250
2gb ocz gold
Is this worth having? It looks like it would be interesting.

It should be fine with your system. The question you need to ask, however, is do you need it? Only you can answer that question!

If it's to be included basically because it 'looks cool' then it's not worth the effort. Also, some units like that, when used for monitoring processor temps and fan speed, can require a bit of 'modding' to the HSF wiring to get things working as required.

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I am not going with that one. I decided on digital doc 5+. Much cooler. The reason I go for it is for several things. It is great to know temps, speeds, etc. I CAN control noise if I want and it is cool. The question to you is do you really need anything? Do you really need a car? Do you really need that other car? Does your house really need to be THAT big or do you really need one? Do you really need to eat as much as you do? I really don't need this as all my computers have been fine without it. But you know what, I want it. And you know why? Because I can. This is not intended to be snotty or rude but just answering your question.

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