You have your primary harddrive that has the OS installed on it.
You have a second hard drive.
And you want to add a 3rd hard drive.

How do you add the 3rd one when the cable only allows 2?

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get an external hard drive connected via firewire or usb it would be a little slower than a normal internal hard drive but you will get what you want.

Hehe, thanks for the alternative suggestion. I did get the support I needed, which was to add a pci card to add additional hard drives.
The external drive does sound like a good idea.

could get pci controller, or if you have sata? or you could put it on the second ide channel

can you run ata/133 and sata/150 at the same time in one system? the sata as a primary and the ata/133 as the secondary? I have a 200Gb sata HDD, but my life is so busy now with christmas coming up and all i cant install it

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