i have an hp nc8000 laptop. here's what's happening:

1. laptop is plugged in and battery charge indicator light is on.
2. when i press the power button, the hdd indicator lights up and fan is on at full speed but there is nothing else that happens. no bios, no other lights come on, nothing. after a few seconds, it turns off by itself.

what is wrong with this laptop and also, how can i recover my data?


Could be a number of things. Faulty power supply, CPU, really anything - what do you have in it, when did it work last, and what did you do to make it stop working? I've seen this symptom before, and it could be a cracked mobo. That's very common in notebooks.

yes i think it has to do with the power supply.

is there an easy fix for that?

With a notebook? Not really. You'd have to take it to a specialist or some kind of repair shop. Send it back to the manufacturer would probably be best

hmm...the laptop is more than 3 years old so i don't think its worth it to get it repaired.

any ideas how i can recover my data?

I had the same problem with mine. Removed ram, Hard drive, everything I could think of, then I noticed that the metal shield around the USB ports was awful close (basically touching) the USB connectors. Don't discount the other options already stated (cracked board, leaking caps, bad/corrupt bios), but you might want to take a look at the metal shield around your USB ports and if you use them a lot like I do, then plug something in them when you power up your machine. You'll know right away if that's the problem. I also found this link when researching the problem: http://www.laptoprepair101.com/laptop/2006/07/05/laptop-turns-on-and-shuts-down/. It didn't help in my case but it might be something to think about/explore. Hope this helps!

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