So I am looking to move my 2 SATA RAID arrays from Windows Vista into Windows Server 2008. My current configuration is 2x250(Raid0) 2x500(Raid0) both arrays need to stay in there current configuration. I have tried moving both of these arrays to the Windows Server 2008 desktop and the result was that the bios recognized the drives in there proper array patterns but windows wanted to format the drives in order for them to become available for use. Now obviously these drives are in use currently and I would like to avoid buying(then returning of course :) ) a 750GB drive in order the backup the data currently on the two arrays. Is there any way within windows i can move this configuration from one OS to another?

This may not help much but I'll make a stab at it. Some time ago someone had a similar prob. with pocket/pen drives. The config. shouldn't matter but it sometimes does, at least as far as the OS is concerned. The guy had to format every time he changed servers, regardless of OS. It's a OS prob. not hdwr. MS is best to contact. MS probably doesn't have a good driver. the prob. is now years old. Wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one either. The obvious cause is the way the individual OS addresses the drive. Drive designation read is obviously coded differently.