Hello and Please Please HELP!!!

My laptop turns on, spins for a minute and the screen stays blank. This happened after it sounded like a jet engine 2 days ago, I rebooted and now nothing! None of the keys do anything! Just the little lights that say it's "thinking" flicker now and then.

I have rebooted several times, after removing the battery and letting it sit. Still the same thing.

I was having difficulty with my symnatic anti-virus shutting off over the past week. I did 3 virus scans and ad ware and removed any quarantineed files.

What do I do?

Pull the RAM, hard drive, cd/floppy drives, pc cards, battery, and unplug everything from the laptop. After a few minutes, plug the ac power back in, and try to boot the pc. You should get a beep code since there is no memory in the system. If you don't, the motherboard or cpu is probably bad. If you do get the beep codes, remove power and put one stick of ram back in. Try to boot, and you should get your bios spash screen - it should proceed until it fails to find a boot device. If that works, reinstall the hard drive, and power the system back on. Now you can keep adding equipment until you find the device that is preventing the system from posting.