my 3-year-old hp pavilion dv4000 works well but lately, it completely shuts down if i leave the laptop for 10-15 minutes.

if i'm using the computer, it keeps going for hours with no problem.

i turned off all the powersave and stand by options but no change.


How about hibernate?

i turned off the hibernate but still shuts down.

after 3 years of not leaving it alone it has become rebellious !! LOL
could be a heating problem have you ever cleaned the dust off the fans and heatsinc. using a can of compressed air

It does not sound like a heat problem cause when he uses it it stays on. You can check the cmos sometimes they have settings to power down the cpu or put in standby. When it turns off and you turn it back on does it say restoring windows or straight boot up from a cold start?

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