Okay before we begin, I shall start off by posting my PC's specs along with the situation that hapenned before the problem.

Specs: XPS 410. Roughly two years old.
3 GB DDR2 Ram. ( x2 512 Kingston, 2gb Patriot)
nVidia 7200 LE GFX
Dell Motherboard 2mb cache.
Vista Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor @ 1.86Ghz.

since ive received the PC back in may 2007 ive never had an issue with it. No freezing, no auto reboots, no hardware issues, nothing. i was actually very happy with the computer. till one morning i woke up and the PC was in sleep mode but the music was still playing. funny thing is that the computer is programmed to never go into sleep mode. i moved the mouse and tapped the keyboard and the pc didnt respond. then i held the power button and thepc went off and when i booted it back up the light on the monitor went orange. when i hit the signal button it ttied finding signal in analog and digital and when it found my fdigital signal it went back to sleep. when i hit menu on the screen the monitor says my pc is in sleep mode and i should move the mouse or hit any key on the keyboard to continue. of course nothing happens. now when i unpligged the digital cable from my pc the screen flickered and the usual RGB test screen with "dell " pops up. another thing is that the orange led on the motherboard turns orange. dont know if thats normmal but i never noticed it before. also no BIOS beeps at boot up.

any suggestion?

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