Hope this is the place to post this, but here is the situation.
My friend has been having a problem with his system shutting down after its been on for a bit. I downloaded and installed a temperature test and it would appear that his cpu is getting hot pretty fast, so hot that if you touch it it will burn you.

When the computer was first fired up it was at 38 degrees C, then it starting rising pretty fast and was up to 88 degrees C at the last time we looked at it then shut down.

Not for sure if thats normal or not, but seems to be the only issue I can think of.

He has a liquid cooled system that has two tubes going to the cpu and one of the tubes is cool to the touch and the other is very hot to the touch. Here is what his system specs are:

AMD x2 5400 AM2
GeforceG8800GTS 320MB
2G DDR2 PC6400 memory
Thermaltake Tough Power 600 watt
Gigabyte motherboard
Cooler Master Liquid cooling kit
Onboard 7.1 sound
500GB SATA II hard drive

Hope someone can help with this.


88*C is extremely hot!! You should not be going past 75*C on a desktop cpu, preferably not higher than 60*C.

Something is wrong with the liquid cooling system. The temperatures are going really high then the system shuts down to prevent your processor from overheating. I recommend replacing the liquid cooling system with another LCS or a decent air cooler.

It could be that the power supply is dying and not supplying enough power to the lcs, but i doubt it.