Ok. So my cousin took his computer to the shop because of an error that made it fail the POST so it just sat at that first screen. It ended up getting its RAM changed.
Two days later, he brought it to me to remove a virus. Half way during a second virus scan, I get the Physical Dump Error and then the computer, again, fails the POST.
I removed one of the RAM chips and voila! It works! But...I'm kind of stumped as to what is causing his RAM to die out and not work. So now thats TWO RAM sticks dead on two separate occasions with the same way. Coincidence? I think not.

I've asked someone and they said that happened to them before and it was their HD that was dying out and they replaced it. <-- almost sure its not that; although I'm hoping it is because I have a couple spare HDs.

I then asked one of my buddies who has worked with computers for a long time and said it might be the motherboard. If it is..would flashing the BIOS fix the problem?

Sooo I'm stumped! :icon_neutral: I'm scared to turn it on again because it might kill his last piece of RAM.
Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

I think you should post questions clearly (not explanation) ya your fear is right that it will kill the ram so the solution is that to update your virus and if ti fails format is the final solution! If it still remains mail me i will take care of you!

Sorry, I thought my question was implied..Although there is one in there. My bad.
Not exactly sure what you mean by update my virus? My AV? Was using ESET NOD32 and it auto-updates..his computer is clean now. (The second scan was just to check if it didn't catch anything the first time).

Anyway, I tried showing my cousin about the dead RAM but it "magically" started working again with the 2 pieces of RAM originally thought dead (by me AND the shop).
I ran some tests on them and didn't recieve any errors..I reset the CMOS with the jumpers and it worked. So if it happens again I'll just replace his mobo or make him a new computer. (It's a bit out dated anyway!)

So yeah..A mod can lock this thread and add the "Solved" to the title.

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