Hello my fellow techies, long time no see again!

Right i have gone and built my own machine with the following specs:
Motherboard : ECS GeForce6100PM-M2
RAM : 2Gb DDR-2 800MHz (2 sticks of 1Gb each)
OS : Windows XP pro SP3
Gfx card : XpertVision 9500GT Super
DVD : Samsung DVD+/-RW drive
Sound Card : Apollo PCi 5.1 Sound Card
PSU : 570W

At totally random occurrences(can happen at the login screen, running applications, opening applications etc) my computer locks up with only the mouse able to move. If i then click the left mouse button 5 times, the motherboard makes 1 beep, and then the entire system freezes, causing me to hit the reset button on the front to try again.
I have absolutely no idea what is wrong! Please help!
Attached is a copy of what Speedfan shows, seeing as i doubt it is an overheating issue.
The programs which when being opened that cause my computer to crash: Firefox, IE7, occasionally Google Chrome, very rarely WMP11
Also the system has no virus's or spyware, Avast and Spybot are the two progs i use for anti Virus and anti Spyware.

Thanks again Daniweb


Well obviously it's very hard to say, but my first thought was a network issue. Your computer may be getting lost trying to configure itself. Try changing your computer from auto to manual (setting the IP address manually, is my favourite).

Motherboard drivers all up to date I s'pose.

Your 12volt rail looks a bit strange at the bottom of that speedfan readout (tho it may be fine, I don't really know about these things). Might pay to just check the mobo power connection is secure.

My first thought was an IO conflict.

I just noticed your 3.3 volt rail is down as well. It could just be a metering problem, or a Speedfan cockup.

But, if you have another PSU to try I think it would be worth looking at.

Here's someone else's speedfan readout for comparison:

change your dvd model