Alright, I'm finally getting to redo my room, so I'm hoping to get an LCD monitor that I can attach my laptop to as a second monitor and also use it to play my PS3 on. So, I found one that fits what I want (Dell S2209W Flat Panel Monitor) but someone mentioned that I should make sure my video card can handle it. I'm not as tech savvy as I should be, so I'm here to ask.

So, with a link to the specs of my Gateway laptop, I'm hoping someone can tell me whether I could use the monitor. Or, if you know of a better monitor that's at or lower then the cost of this one, I'd appreciate hearing your input

According to the specs:

If you have the integrated video card version, you can't take advantage of the full resolution of the 22inch.

If you have the one with the discrete video card (ati), you can easily use the new monitor!