Whilst my normal external drive I: was unplugged I plugged in a usb memory stick. I noticed that it had assumed my external drive's I: directory. thought nothing of it, but now when I plug the external drive back in it is saying it's drive D: which has caused all sorts of problems.

How do I get it back to I: ?

I'm a bit of a technophobe so would appreciate simple instructions.

thanks very much


I'm surprised that no one has answered this one yet, it's pretty simple.

assuming that we are talking about windows and if you didnt find the answer yet.

you need to get to computer management. you can right click on my computer and then select manage or
click on start>control panel> administrative tools>computer management

once you are in computer management, on the left side click disk management. then on the right side look for the drive letter that you want to change, right click on it, and select change drive letter and paths. click change. click on the drop down menu and select the drive letter you want. click ok. click yes if it ask you if you are sure you want to do that. then your done, thats it.