I've seen this problem mentioned before on this and other boards but never with a solution or fix... hoping to have better luck this time.

I just replaced the LCD screen on my Dell 8600 Inspirion with the same model. Now, the LCD only displays a series of solid Red, Green, Blue & white screens.
I can hook up an external monitor and operate the computer just fine.

I took it to a repair shop and after two weeks of no phone calls, I finally called them back and they said they couldn't fix it.

Anyone have an idea on the fix?


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It's tempting to ignore your question because the answer is something you don't want to hear. But it's quite clear:

Either get the screen replacement and all interfaces right


Forget it and replace the laptop or use it without the integral screen.

Sorry. Anyone disagree? I hope so.

Just wanted to follow up to let you know what the issue was with my LCD screen

Even though it displayed just fine on an external monitor, it turned out to be a bad video card.
Replaced the GoForce 5200 card and everything works great.

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