Good morning,

I was happily using my PC yesterday, surfing the net, when suddenly the computer restarted. When it came on it did not boot up properly and a "NO VIDEO INPUT" message flashed around the screen. I have checked there are no loose connections.

Does anyone know what the problem could be? It seems strange that is was working fine and then suddenly restarted and now does not work.

I would be grateful for any help.


Have you a spare graphics card to try ?

Yew we took it to our local repair shop and they said its the motherboard thats gone so its a write off. They can build us a new one for £400 with :
AMD Dual COre processor 4.4
2 gig RAM
160g hard drive

Is that a good deal??


Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Could be your video card or RAM.

try swap RAM in different slot and/or reseat the VGA card.
Also check if the VGA card fan is working or not.

Hope this helps!

If a PC suddenluy restarts and something then doesn't work, I would suggest (at a distance) that something glitched and blew.

We don't know whether you've got on-board video or a PCI-E card. So it's difficult to be more specific.

I'd go with the local shop & £400 for the parts and labour although you'd want to know something about the graphics functionality.

does it beeps? if its, whats the sound of the beep?