i am facing a problem from a very long period i.e when ever my computer boot up so it gave me the option CMOS LOW BATTERY,i replace the cell twice but this problem is exicit.
Now when i put the new cell then 1st time my compter run but give me an error of CMOS low baterry when i set the date and time and then shut down the computer and when i again start it then the pc can't started.
please if any one know about this problem then help me i will be very thankful to you.


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I suggest you have an expert look into your motherboard since it is highly likely you are already having a problem here. You've already done what experts would normally have already done by now--change your battery--under normal circumstances, that is.

Just to be sure, do you have anything that can test to see if the battery is good? I've bought brand new dead batteries from Radio Shack before, so it's either more common that you would think or I need to play the lottery. :)

I've had the same problem on a server once. We never were able to fix it except by replacing the motherboard (it was under a service contract, so nothing was out of pocket for us).

A shop *might* be able to run a diagnostic on the motherboard to confirm this, but I don't know if it would be worth that expense compared to buying a replacement motherboard.

I can't think of any other component that would cause the CMOS to report a dead battery.

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