Hi, I am looking to clean my heatsink and CPU which have that compound thing on them. Can I use the drinkable alcohol, methylated spirit, or water?

Any suggestions welcome thanks.

When I cleaned mine, I just used a lint free cloth and elbow grease.

You probably could use drinkable alcohol but wipe some on glass first to see if it leaves any deposit behind after it dries -- if it does, don't use it.


actually I just used glasses cleaner and a t-shirt and it cleaned up pretty nicely - went over the cpu a couple times with a dry t-shirt just to polish it up a bit

isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing Alcahol) has always worked for me. NEver leaves any residue behind, and the heatsinks/heat spreader pretty clean.

Methylated spirits is my own product of choice for cleaning, and I use rags torn from old cotton bedsheets to do the cleaning with ;)

That's as good a combination as anything else you can get your hands on. Read the guide linked by Coconut Monkey for cleaning techniques and tips.