I've been reading some of the threads and it seems that a bad board can fry a processor. Can a bad processor fry a board?
Also, is there a way to test a memory stick without taking it to your local computer store? Anyone ever try MEMTEST 86. I'm asking because I built a new computer and had a bad pc 3200 512 stick and took a week befor I brought it in to test it. It worked partially but was riddled with errors.
Put new memory and havn't had a problem since.

never say never but its more than likely never,the only way a processor may burn out a motherboard is if you install a processor not made for the board,or you installed the processor the wrong way and bent some pins,but as far as a malfunctioning processor burning out a board its unlikely as the power source comes from the motherboard and not the processor.
Its rather complicated and much more involved than the following The processor just executes calculations at certain intervals for a series of currents rapidly and repeatedly to be sent along certain paths,of course software is another situation as todays computers have become more and more dependant upon programs to direct the hardwares it is possible for software to damage hardware.
Thats why every piece of software includes a user end agreement for release of vendor liabilities.

'Bad boards' don't generally fry processors.
'Bad processors' don't generally fry motherboards.

Components generally end up 'fried' when a power supply unit suffers problems, when a PC gets damaged from power surges and lightning strikes, and when components suffer undue stress either from running dirty, hot or with fans not working, or from silly users who try to overclock them and change settings to levels which are far too high!

It's also quite rare to actually get 'bad' RAM. what usually happens is that people buy cheap, shitty RAM, and the cheap, shitty RAM has 'issues' when working in a particular motherboard or when working together with a different brand of RAM module. Used in a different motherboard or on its own it will often work just fine. That said, it is not impossible to get a module which really IS faulty, it's just rare.

The ONLY brands of RAM I would recommend people use are:

I would also only ever recommend that people use matched modules in their system, rather than mix modules of different brands/models.

Hi belikemike,
Since nobody answered the other part of your qusetion re:

Anyone ever try MEMTEST 86.

Yup.. it's a pretty accurate & reliable program. There are others that give better (ie more thorough & better stats) testing though.