My Acer Aspire T180 will not boot up, I have researched the beep codes and can't find the relevant match, it just continually gives even long beeps with no screen display. Occasionally it does boot up after 15 mins, 1 hour, 1 day... then it will only run for a short time before going belly up, I have tried the recovery disc but no effect, is this hardware or software?

Beep codes mean hardware. Purchase a POST card off Ebay, and then read the codes from the card. then troubleshoot the components.

i think it is the software or Operating system. try to reformat and if it go on again its the hardware... try to reconnect all cable and cards in your Acer

I removed all the cards (with rubber gloves), cleaned, dusted and replaced, checked all connectors and she booted up no problem.
Must have been a poor connection, thanks for all your help.

Just to add to this, you may find it was your DIMM port had dust in it this usually causes thisd issue so yes the dusting will have fixed that, but be carefull when dusting, you need to ground you and your computer and leave the power cable in but turned off at the socket.