Hi guys,

I just encounter an very strange problem with my monitor. My monitor is Samsung 2033. I just build a new PC. Im using intergrated graphic card which is intel G33 Chipset.

When ever my screen display something black, my monitor will auto dim down like power saving mode. Here are some examples.

1. During start up the screen will dim, cos of the black backgroud.
2. Playing Dota, when i move to the explore area (black) the screen will dim.
3. Going to any website that have dark/black interface and background, it will dim too.
4. Playing Avi file which the start is black blank screen.

Have anyone come across this situation before? I tried going to the power saving menu and is not a problem from there. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance

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problem sloved! is due to a stupid mode in my monitor. Thanks you!

There's nothing like the satisfaction of solving a "major" problem yourself. Congratulations.
Welcome to Daniweb--people of your ilk are specially welcome here. Keep coming back and looking in to see wheere you can help others.

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