Hi I'm new to the forum and not very technical so please bear with me.

I have a problem with my monitor screen going black and/or shutting down.

It is a new monitor (the backlight of my old one died) and what happens is it randomly goes black, sometimes for a few seconds but most often it stays black and the power light turns off.

Windows seems to be continuing to operate ok and when I shut the computer down the power light on the monitor comes back on and I get the message "no signal".

I have had the PC checked out and there seems to be no problems with the graphics card or the PC itself.

I have tried the monitor on a a different plug socket and also now have it on a power surge protector because my house seems to suffer from this problem.

Someone also auggested it may be power dips causing the problem and perhaps I should get a UPS unit. This makes sense to my non-technical mind as it is as if the monitor can't stay on at the same time as the computer for long and only comes back on when the computer shuts down!

Could it by any settings, drivers, fan problems? How would I know?

The monitor can go black at any moment; I haven't been playings games or videos, just surfing the net, checking e-mails and even just creating a folder in my documents and hitting the return key when the monitor goes black!

Any other ideas or help please??!!

Many thanks in advance.

hi,if i had a new monitor that did that i would take it back to where i bought it and have them check it out or replace it a.s.a.p

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