Digital Voice Recorder Olympus VN4100PC
I have the little Oympus VN4100PC Digital Voice Recorder. It has a usb connector

Can I record direct from the unit OR transfer recordings from the unit to my PC?

I hope so. This will save me mightily.

thanks, Frank

Thanks Rik, that was quick.

That link just took me to an ad. Sorry if I don;t understand the nature of this forum. I just joined. I wanted an answer if possible.

The ad says connectivity to a pc. I know that that is why I have the usb but I haven't been able to do it. Does anyone have an idea. Is there a driver involved?

thanks, Frank

What actually happens when you connect it and what windows version do you have?
There should have been a cd that came with it with the software / driver needed, do you have that?

I have winxp pro. It asks for a driver. it would be great if anyone seeing this post could send me one. Olympus wants $20

thanks again, Rik

Thanks for trying to help. I had been at that page. Go and see how there is no download. They use the word but it is to download the PDF with info about updater. When you follow them through you end up being offered the driver for $19.95

Downloads Available:
This is download link !!!1Digital Wave Player Update 2.1.4!!!!!!!!!

This download updates the Digital Wave Player software bundled with Olympus VN-*PC series digital voice recorders from version 2.1.1 to 2.1.4. It enables Digital Wave Player versions 2.0 and later to run on Windows Vista systems, including those that use AMD Turion(TM) or Intel Core2 Duo processors. It also resolves the issue of sorting audio files by date on the VN-2100PC and VN-3100PC digital voice recorders. This download contains only an update program. The full application must be installed prior to running the update. The CD-ROM for Digital Wave Player is available on the Olympus Store.

the above link worked for me ,it was a zip file with 7 file in it ,the first one was english verson ,it would not install because i don't have the player you have!!

edit sorry i reread and its a update to the software bundled with the player