Right, i have a toshiba equium A210 - 171 laptop that i am borrowing off my friend to take with me on holiday for two weeks so i need to get this working by july 26th. When he gave it to me he told me there was something wrong with it charging.

If the laptop is off and i plug the charger in, the lights say its charging biut when i turn it on, the lights on the frong turn off for a few seconds, then the charging lights come back on. If i wait 10 mins or so, it turns on, with battery at 15% or something like that. The laptop says the battery is charging, but the remaining battery life decreases untill the laptop turns its self off. Any ideas?



I would narrow it down to two likely possibilities:
1. The battery
2. The charger.
Your best and simplest way to solve the issue is to borrow these two items from someone who has a similar, but working laptop and try using them, one at a time (and if necessary, both at the ssame time) on your machine.
Whichever replacement solves the problem is what you need to replace.
Good luck finding the parts to borrow.

Will do, thanks =)

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