I have a Lexmark X5470. It works great, and I'm very happy with it. However, something very strange happens every now and then when the power is off. At any given time, the printer will start up on its own for about 30 seconds, making the sounds of the cartridge shifting, and then it stops. This has happened in the middle of the night as well as during the day. It occurs whether my computer is turned on or not. ( I only turn my printer on when I have to use it).

Is this a power surge of some kind, or does my printer have a bug?


HP a300n
720 RAM
40 GB
2.6 GHz

I had the same problem but the thing i hated was when i tried figuring it out and tried to read the instruction's it was a diffrent language :(

I have a Lexmark too and it has always done the same thing. It freaks us out sometimes as it is in our lounge but otherwise it works fine.

I have a Samsung laser printer (a heap of sh1t that I feel like sending back to the manufacturer in tiny little pieces, but anyhow) that does exactly the same thing. Just put it down to being the piece of crap it really is, but now you've got my interest peaked

I went to the Lexmark support site, but saw nothing about this ghost in the machine. I may try to call them this week and see if I can get an answer. Will post results here.

I had same problem with my lexmark also.But it was solved by lexmark's technician.It had something hardware problem.
So,don't worry.Take it to company for repair.
There is no ghost in your printer.Your printer is nor HAUNTED.