Hey all - i am currently running two of the following cards in SLI:

BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS OC2 320MB PCIe

I can run the most basic games nice with them without a problem. But for whatever reason most games still have a big problem with lines across the screen. I think it has something to do with v-sync? Is this true? Do i enable/disable it?

When i play Warcraft i have no issues at all, as soon as i play a FPS such as BF2 or Crysis etc and shoot stuff, i get screen 'tearing' and it looks awful. Even when load screens for bf2 show, it shows these, so surely they shouldn't be there??? Its not my monnitor either as i just bought a new 24" monitor and plug in via DVI comparedt o my old 19" with VGA.

Any other solutions? Questions? Comments? Help!?

Thank you

If there is no good solution, would buying a newer card, say a nvidia 280 be better? Surely 2 of my current cards equals a base range newer card?!

Try either a basline video card test. Most software is free, it should give you an idea where you are at and where it should be.

Also try taking one video card out and running just one at a time to see if one of the cards are bad.

Good luck!

Make sure you have the latest drivers.
Re-seat the cards.
Update the BIOS & check the BIOS to make sure the SLI settings are correct for running dual cards.
Try testing 1 card at a time. Again, change BIOS settings accordingly.
Check with the NVidia website to see if there are known issues with this & potential fixes.
If it's a new monitor, sometimes they ship with their own driver disk. Install this also.

I know this is basic info you've probably already tried, but sometimes it pays to cover all the bases again.

Click start, run and type dxdiag. Then save all information button then post the results here.
The above works for XP, I am not sure if it does for vista as I don't use vista.

Perhaps if you said what OS you have?!?

I have attached a file with the dxdiag information for your review. Any other information you need just let m eknow. Thank you guys.

I posted the file under my website because the attachment link on the forums here wasn't working this morning. Sorry for that.

the link is:


I guess it would be better if you use just one high end graphics card from NVIDIA which should be compatible with motherboard instead of using two. It is quite possible that one or both the graphics card installed by you are having problems. In that case check out and replace the card with a new one.


Well, I just need a better video card to play Grand Theft Auto IV. It seems that GeForce 8800 GTS is not powerful enought to play that.