My monitor flickers for few seconds when turned on. After few seconds it resumes its usual image. The small green light of my monitor flickers too in the same time. I mention that it never flickers when used. I have a program that puts the monitor to sleep (the main unit still works) and when I want the monitor to exit the sleep mode flickers again for a few seconds and then it works well as usual. What could be the problem? Is it the cable? I've already changed it; I use a new one now. Is it the video card? Or it's just that my monitor is dying on me?

Have you tried removing the above mentioned program?

I don't think it has anything to do with the program. Just a minute ago I turned on my PC and again my monitor flickered all the time. I mention before the OS starts. I restarted it and it did not flicker anymore. Could it be that my monitor ended "its life"? I have had it for three years now. I hope it is not my video card because I bought the main unit almost a year ago. The monitor does not flicker when it's working, only when it's turned on. The green light of the monitor flickers too. I've read a post earlier saying that it could be that the video card does not give for a short while the right signal to the monitor. Could this be possible?

That is a possibility.But the monitor may be approaching its sell by date, however, I don't think you should rush out to buy another monitor-yet

Is this an LCD display?

If you turn the monitor off whilst the PC is on and back on after about 30 secs does it flicker?

I have a Lacie monitor and PC working with Photoshop CS2.
The image has started to wildly fluctuate, flickering from minute to maximum enlargement very rapidly. I would like to reboot, but first I need to save my work and the flickering is preventing this.
I am scanning at 1250 dpi for maximum clarity, into a 300 dpi format and erasing the base layer of each image before copy and paste then saving.
Will any of that have a bearing? I am running a Mac adjacent to my PC two-screen setup.
Thank you in anticipation dear colleagues - Zac