My DVD drive doesn't seem to recognise DVD -R format discs, but it supports DVD +R discs just fine. Is there any way that I can update or alter my drive so that it will accept the DVD -R variety? My drive is labelled as follows in the Device Manager:


Thanks :D

Nope that is a + drive, they do make a + or - drive as well as just minus drives...

The short answer.... No

Long answer, yes!

There is a third party firmware update for your drive that unlocks -R burning, but you use and install it at your own risk (this is not an official update, and is not guaranteed to work)! Basically, you need to download a firmware updater program (a "flasher") and then run it in a pure DOS environment and apply a downloaded firmware update file.
The start page
The firmware

Failed or frequent firmware updates could result in a paperweight. If you are unsure of the process, then don't take the risk.

About 1 in 5 of those flashes ends up making a paperweight/doorstop...

and that is when the flash is designed for a specific piece of hardware,

The odds on a generic flash working... even less...

I would want to make sure someone else with the same drive and firmware version has done it successfully

and that is when the flash is designed for a specific piece of hardware,

Yep. Judging by the "D" at the end of the model number, our friend may have a rebadged OEM drive. The risk is greater, but the potential for dual layer burning is there!

There are ways to recover from a failed flash, but they're rather risky themselves and I certainly wouldn't be game to try (it involves plugging the drive into the IDE channel while the PC is on).

Like I said, you attempt an update at your own risk!