:?: Ok, I was just sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out my next move when I thought I would just ask all of you. I just bought a broken Alienware 51m Notebook, but found it was still somewhat operational. So, here is my problem: I have tried countless times to install a version of windows xp pro on it with no luck. It only copies files so far and then gives a blue screen crash with different explanation each time, (IRLQ error and so fourth). So, I finally decided just to try my Vista Home Prem install disk just for the heck of it, and amazingly it installed with no error or anything. Now though with Vista I have already installed on another computer and it doesn't seem to read my Nvidia Card correctly. So, does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix this so that I can get my Legit copy of XP on this Laptop?? Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated. :-/

Have you tried installing it onto a new hard disk?

Dazza :cool:

Yeah, I swapped out the 60GB HD for a 120GB and received the same results. I also just reinstalled Vista and it runs fine. WHY won't my XP load though??? Boy is this Frustrating!!

Hey, thanks will for the info. I've downloaded the file and will run further test. But, I must say that persistence has paid off. I managed to install through a external HD that I fitted a CD-Rom into. So, now I think it's either a bad internal ROM or bad RAM which I will find out soon, thanks to Will. Thanks for all you help, I knew I could count on good people.