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I need to find out what issues others have been having with their 939 motherboards. I need to find a stable board that is proven and compatible. The last two boards I have used has had an issue with either the ide drivers or something. My first board I had to uninstall the sw drivers to get the board to boot up correctly. It now works fine but only that the nvidia drivers are not compatible for some reason or another. The last board I am on now has a similar issue but the uninstalling of the drivers doesn't do it.
The 1st board was a chaintech vnf3 250 with and asus dvd, benq 1620 pro dvdrw, gigabyte 9250 agp card, sony floppy, amd 64 2800+ and pqi pc3200 memory. It had an antec pure power 350 psu. I don't know what kind of issue there is but I did hear in some other forum that I was checking through someone said the issue was compatibility with the benq dvdrw. I don't know but by rolling back the drivers to the xp drivers it now works without problems.
The next board is the foxconn ultra 939. Too many letters to write but it is there ultra board. I have the benq 1620 pro which I might get rid of, gigabyte geforce 6600t pcie, sony floppy,16/1 usb card reader, amd 3200+ 90nm, and Corsair CMX512-3200C2 512MB DDR400 PC3200 XMS Memory w/Heat Spreader Retail. I have the antec pure power 380 w psu. Almost everytime I reboot it does a quick blue screen (which you can't really see) it tries to boot and then goes to the start manually page with all the choices. When I start it most of the time I can get in to windows. No one seems to know the true issue here. The main reason I am doing this is to find out who thinks what board is the most stable. If you have a stable 939 ultra board that has always been stable let me know. Please tell me what amd 64 you are running and some of your hardware. I am going to find something that works I guess.